Types of Bong

Classic, which is the straight bong used those enjoying watching the bubbles while they enjoy a good smoke. The cooler flow is a relaxing pleasure.
Angled bong brings the more creative smoker into view. These are quite stylish adding a bit of flare while enjoying the flavors place in the glass bong.

Custom made bongs like beautiful liquor bottles are set aside and admired; almost too pretty to smoke from. Glass bongs are tucked away and displayed for their beauty and creativity.

Glass Blowing is changing with the development of 3D printers. Designs available are open to favorite characters and other numerous objects. Looking at a glass device is as popular as using one.

Lay-Ceramic is produced through a based 3D-printing filament producing smooth ceramic solids used for classic bongs with contemporary design.

Polycarbonates are clear, sturdy Plexiglas materials that withstand impact.

Reactive Glass is reactive to smoking conditions, touch or the environment. It is stronger than plastic or glass.