Equipment for Bongs

Glass bowls, Stemless Bong and Peculator Bongs spread smoke in a way that helps it cool. There is the turbine, hanging and inline percolator. A waffle construction decides on the flow of the smoke in some bong, hammer bubbler, and Wig Wag and have been used in the design of glass for centuries.


  • Glass tubes
  • Lampworking torch
  • Propane tank
  • Oxygen tank
  • Welding hose

Equipment for bongs starts at around fifteen hundred dollars. Renting space in a glass shop is another way of working on a glass blowing project. These shops sell the glass and give lessons. A Kiln is used by those making heavy pieces of glass but for bongs a torch is used and a welding hose. For the making, glass bongs use a lampworking torch, a propane tank with a regulator and a welding oxygen tank with regulator. Purchase tanks outright or rent from a dealer.
Methods of Glass Blowing:

Using reverse glass methods, materials are gathered for the job. Rods, coloring, and size of the glass is prepared before blowing glass. Users paint and develop glass styles with cool creativity. Create glass designs you alone will own. The development of personal style is gratifying may prove to be worth collecting.

Glass blowing and bong making is an art that lets the imagination flow. Glass blowing and bongs fit nicely together letting the user enjoy the glass item while making use of it at the same time. To have these glass items made or to practice glassblowing is a real adventure. Glass blowing & bong making is fun and open to a wide range of financial brackets. It can be inexpensive or as expensive as a user chooses.