The Art of Glass Blowing


The art of blowing glass has been around for centuries; now, glassblowing & bongs have found a renewal. Bong designs are some of the most creative in the glassblowing industry and widely used. The colors of blown glass range from clear, splashes of blue, red, silver and hues of gold. Some pieces are heavier than others are but they are still shaped by blown air.

What is a bong?

A bong is a device used in smoking a variety of tobaccos and other chosen aromatic plant. Some are designed with filtration devices located near the front of the container. A stem is added to the glass. The air is pushed downward below water level flowing upward. The air bubbles the water as it flows. The original term bong (baung) was taken from the Thai language meaning, cylindrical smoking tube. The bong was made with bamboo wood but developed into glass with the glass blowing culture.

Soldiers brought this interesting smoking solution to the United States after the Vietnam War and made it a part of the American culture. The device allows the smoke driven through a liquid to cool making smoking more comfortable and less taking on the lungs. The design at the base decides how much water the bong holds, controlling the coolness of the smoke.

The age-old art of glass blowing and bongs have become a new culture. The mixture of the Thai culture with European glass blowing techniques is a beautiful combination. What started out as a wood object has developed into glass that is blown into beautiful creative shapes of various sizes. Small portable bulbs are easy to use and carry. Bongs are sized in medium glass blown bongs of 8 to 14 inches and larger glass bongs of 14 inches. The latter is placed in stable areas.